What will the NHS normally provide?

The NHS will make a contribution to your nursing costs, even if you are paying all your own fees.  Nursing care is defined as the care you have been assessed to need from a registered nurse.

In England the NHS will pay towards the cost of the nursing part of your care as determined as being required to be provided by a registered nurse in a  nursing home.  Effective from 1st April, 2006 the payment is £40.00, £83.00 or £133.00 per week depending on whether your nursing needs have been assessed as low, medium or high.  This contribution applies irrespective of whether the cost of care is funded privately or by the Local Authority.

In Scotland there is a flat rate contribution of £145.00 per week for personal care, plus a further £65.00 per week for those assessed as requiring nursing care.

In Wales there is a flat rate contribution of £111.00 per week towards nursing care.

Paying for professional healthcare services is a complex subject and everyones situation has to be individually assessed.  We recommend that you seek advice about your own case.  Amongst the organisations which offer specialist healthcare advice for the elderly:

Age Concern (0808 808 6060)

Help the Aged (0808 800 6565)

Counsel and Care (0845 300 7585)

Your local Social Services Department

The Benefits Agency (0800 88 22 00)

Nursing Homes Fees Agency (0800 99 88 33)

Your Independent Financial Adviser