What can I expect the state to provide?

The State provides a level of care for those less well off, but if you have the capital and ability to pay for yourself the State will expect you to cover at least part of the accommodation and personal costs in a residential nursing home.

There are currently 3 bands of support :

1.  Your Local Authority may pay for the cost of your residential or nursing home care if your capital is less than:

England                  Wales                     Scotland

£12,750                   £16,000                  £12,250

2.  Your Local Authority will still pay for part of your accommodation and personal care (but not the full cost) if your capital is between :

England                  Wales                     Scotland

£12,750 – £21,000    £16,000 – £21,500    £12,250 – £20,000

For every £250 you have in capital over the lower amount, the sum of £1 per week is deducted from the money contributed by the Local Authority.

3.  You will have to pay the full costs of your accommodation and personal care if your capital is more than:

England                  Wales                     Scotland

£21,000                  £21,500                  £20,000

If your capital falls below the highest amount whilst you are in a care home, you will then become eligible for help from the Local Authority.

If you would prefer to reside in a more expensive home than the Local Authority would normally be willing to pay for, you are permitted to arrange for a third party contribution from another source to make up the difference.

The value of your home would only be included in your assets value if you live alone, or you and your partner are both moving into a care home.  In addition the Local Authority will disregard the value of your home for 12 weeks after your admission to a permanent nursing or residential care home.

You are normally expected to use all your income – including any pension, benefit etc. to fund the cost of your care.  The only exception to this is that you are allowed to keep £19.60 (£20 in Wales) a week spending money.