Respite Care

Even the most resolutely independent elderly relative will appreciate a change of scene and some fresh faces, especially if it is planned in advance to allow regular carers to have a break too.  Respite care with Restful Homes Group can offer the best of both worlds for all concerned: the regular carer can relax properly, while the temporary resident can enjoy guest status in a residential environment.

As with any other resident, those coming in for a short stay will be consulted on what they like and dislike, from food to activities.  It is an opportunity for them to enjoy hotel standards in a caring and social environment.  All the usual options are available to short-stay residents.  A number of Restful Homes Group sites are close to city centres and have access to public transport, making regular outings or inbound visits by friends or family easy to arrange if that is what the short-stay residents want to do.

Some homes have bar and cafe areas near the entrances too.  Here, short-stay residents can spend time making new friends in friendly surroundings or they are free to use any other area of the home as they wish.  Short term care, even just a week or two, allows the main carer to have a relaxing break or go on holiday.  By the end of their respective stays, short-stay residents and their regular carers can return to their previous routines refreshed and invigorated after a change of scenery.

Some Restful Homes Group homes have dedicated respite rooms, others may depend on a permanent room being vacant. This will vary from site to site and home managers will advise on suitable options.