Residential Care

Residential care homes provide accommodation, meals and personal care for people who would otherwise find it difficult to cope with some aspects of life at home.  Staff at residential care homes will encourage residents to maintain whatever level of independence they have on arrival as often and as long as possible.  The aim is to provide a home environment that supports this policy across the group’s homes while supporting residents wherever necessary.  The trained staff will give residents the space they need to do what they can for themselves, while offering to help with things they know will be a challenge.  Staff also know residents well enough to tell when to step in and help or stand back so that the resident can retain independence.

Many of the Restful Homes Group homes are within easy reach of city centres and local bus routes, ensuring contact with the outside world for those who have the mobility to enjoy a change of scenery and to visit friends at home.

Another frequent feature is a bar and cafe area at the entrances to some Restful Home Group locations.  This makes it easy for residents to receive visiting friends and family in a relaxed and social atmosphere.  As well as the cafe, residents can also invite friends and family to join them for meals, which can be taken in the main dining areas or in more private surroundings.

Residential homes offer a number of areas in which to mix and socialise with other residents: some are quiet areas, with fewer distractions, others are more animated with television and regular activities.  Those who enjoy talking to friends will find suitable seating areas and for those who need quiet space there are areas with absorbing views of the gardens or local countryside.