Date:May 26, 2016

Gainsborough Hall, Royal Leamington Spa

Gainsborough Hall Care Centre is a luxury hotel style care home with 74 state of the art bedrooms including ensuite with showering facilities. All rooms comfortably exceed the sizes and facilities stipulated by the Care Standards Act. Most of our luxury bedrooms are fitted with tea stations which gives our residents full independence for those who can make a nice cup of tea or coffee for them selves or their visitors.

All bedrooms are fully furnished including large screen televisions, Wi-Fi and bespoke furnishings. We encourage any new residents to bring a few favourite personal possessions such as pictures, photographs etc. to personalise their room and make it feel homely. We also advise that you insure your valuables, if you require assistance to obtain insurance please do not hesitate to ask the Home Manager. Please note that our maintenance man will be only too happy to hang your pictures for you on request.

We have the latest nurse call system – Intercall Touch in all bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms, corridors etc.

Gainsborough Hall Care Home is fitted with the latest monitoring system in all bedrooms where if a resident leaves the bed for a fixed period and does not return within this time limit the nurse call system will alert staff so they can assist if there are any difficulties. When a resident leaves the bed, lights will come on automatically over the bed and in the bathroom so that the residents can gain easy access to the toilet during the night.

All bedroom doors are also fitted with an alarm system so that if another resident opens the door by mistake the staff will be notified immediately. It is the residents choice if they wish to use these systems.

Bathing can sometimes be difficult for people with a physical disability and therefore we provide various assisted bathrooms for your use. With the assistance of care staff, (if required), you can enjoy a bath with no physical effort. All bathrooms are equipped with the latest bathing hoists for your comfort and safety.

There are several lounges and dining rooms throughout the Home where you can relax, entertain your family and friends or simply spend time with other residents. The Home offers suitable outdoor leisure areas. The gardens are maintained to a high standard and incorporate level walkways, garden features and specialist facilities where appropriate, to enable residents to get the best of their surroundings.

Aims, objectives and Philosophy

The Home provides long and short term (respite) care to people in the following categories:

Care Home with Nursing: –

  • Old Age -not falling within any other category
  • Physical Disability–Adults and the Elderly including Terminal Illness
  • Dementia and Mental Health

At Gainsborough Hall it is our aim and objective to provide the highest standard of personal centred care to all of our residents. We continually strive to improve our service and will incorporate all aspects of good practice. We aim to provide each of our residents with the individual care and support they need to enable them to continue to lead a comfortable life, to exercise choice, be involved in their care and maintain outside links with family and friends. Our objective is quite simple; to provide the highest quality of care in the best possible surroundings. We always focus on a person’s abilities, never their disabilities.

  • Our philosophy of care is based upon the belief that our residents are entitled to be treated as individuals. We encourage independence, individual choice, consultation about services within the home, and maintaining social choice e.g. the right to vote. The residents are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities and interests.
  • We will provide a secure and comfortable environment in which individual care, support and dignity is paramount.
  • We will encourage participation to maintain physical and mental activity and social well-being.
  • We will support the right to personal independence and promote personal choice.
  • We will support the right to privacy.
  • We will involve and consult our residents about any proposed changes in daily living arrangements.
  • We will support residents to socialise with other people in the community, whether by going out or by inviting other people into our homes.
  • We will support their rights to have cultural, religious, sexual, emotional and any other needs accepted and respected.


For more information please email or call 01926 310480.