Nursing Care

Restful Homes Group nursing homes have teams of fully trained nurses to deliver comprehensive nursing care that has been tailored to meet every resident’s individual needs.  Assessment is carried out before admission to ensure that everyone’s needs can be fully met.  This assessment will be carried out by a Restful Homes manager and will be used as the basis for a personalised care plan.

This care plan will list every assessed need in detail, which will form an action plan to ensure that the care given meets every need listed in the care plan.  Effective communication is a vital part of nursing care for the elderly, bothw ith the resident and the family.  Naturally, families may have concerns or questions that nursing staff need to address.

For lucid residents, communciation can be straight forward, however it can present challenges for both families and nursing staff alike, particularly spotting subtle changes in a resident’s condition.  Restful Homes Group staff are trained to communciate effectively with medical staff as the need arises, as well and family and resident alike.

Nursing staff draw heavily on their experience, intuition and common sense: the elderly have the same range of moods as everyone else and at times they may be less inhibited about expressing them.  Restful Homes Group nursing staff have the benefit of a detailed care plan which ensures that every need can be met from medication at routine intervals to marking special occasions.

Some Restful Homes Group nursing care homes are sections within larger developments.  A higher level of dependency will be reflected in the fees.  The NHS can make a contribution towards nursing care fees under certain conditions.