Care at Restful

Restful Homes residents should be able to choose how they spend their day: staff and management will work around your wishes as much as possible. Before coming to a Restful Home, you will be asked how you like to spend your day. We ask questions that help us to establish what interests you have and and what you have done in the past. We do this so that your care can be planned to meet your preferences. It is easier for us to ask in advance rather than make assumptions about what you like.

Good communication is vital. If the resident concerned agrees, relatives can be involved in the monthly care plan reviews, which are held with a named nurse and the resident. These are held every month because we know that needs and preferences can change and we need to reflect the changes to ensure that residents can be as happy and independent as possible

We aim to maximise your independence and abilities. To do this, we need to gather as much information as possible to be able to know whether we are meeting your needs to your satisfaction.

So that residents feel at home, we encourage them to personalise their rooms and to socialise, fostering a sense of community. Restful Homes sends regular questionnaires to ask what residents think of food, care standards and the living space. The management is committed to making changes to reflect the responses and improve its service.