Dementia Care

Restful Homes Group nursing staff are trained to care for dementia in appropriate surroundings.  While nursing care can generate communication challenges, dementia care constantly makes demands on those involved to help the person to retain their feelings of self-worth and a sense of identity.  Despite short attention spans, it is important that the resident can feel valued for being who they are now, as well as recognition of who they may have been in earlier years.

A crucial element is being flexible and tolerant of a condition that the person may not always be conscious of all the time.  The nursing and care staff at Restful Homes Group are all aware of the value of finding time to listen and talk to residents, whether or not they have dementia.  In the case of dementia sufferers, this becomes even more important, especially if there are opportunities for activities that keep alive their sense of past and present identity.

At a practical level, this can include paying attention to simple but important preferences like the name which should be used by carers.  For some people, first name terms may be appropriate, while others may feel more comfortable with younger people or relative strangers using more formal terms of address, retaining Mr or Mrs.

Depending on the degree of dementia involved, residents may be cared for in a residential care home or a nursing home.  This will be discussed on an individual basis and will subject to regular reviews like any other care plan.